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Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation

Travel Exhibition

In order to share its expanding collection of contemporary botanical artworks with as broad a community as possible, the Institute administers a travel exhibition program. This program gives museums, universities, botanic gardens, arboreta and other interested organizations the opportunity to display in their own facilities the same fine botanical art and illustration that has been displayed in the Institute's gallery.

16th International travel exhibition

The Hunt Institute established the International Exhibition of Botanical Art & Illustration series in 1964 with the hope of supporting and encouraging contemporary botanical artists from around the world. Organized from the artworks in the 16th International (2019) that now are part of the Institute's collection, this travel exhibition features artworks by 37 artists who reside in 13 countries (Australia, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Scotland, South Korea, Turkey, the United States and Wales) and is available until September 2024.

To view the 37 artworks as well as portraits of and biographical data about the artists, see the 16th International travel exhibition list from the Catalogue of the International Exhibition of Botanical Art & Illustration database.

To book the 16th International travel exhibition, complete the Application to Borrow PDF and mail it to the Curator of Art at the address below.

Conditions of loan

The borrower must protect the artworks from exposure to direct sunlight or unfiltered fluorescent light and from extremes of temperature and humidity and also must provide a continuously monitored secure area for display.

We permit bookings only in the continental United States. If your application meets our standards for security and facility conditions, a Loan Agreement will be sent.

The borrower must provide all-risk, wall-to-wall insurance coverage, including coverage while the exhibition is in transit to and/or from Pittsburgh. Prior to an exhibition's shipment from the Institute, the borrower must execute a standard loan agreement and provide a certificate of insurance coverage naming the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation as insured. Valuation for exhibition: $55,981.

Loan period

Exhibitions are lent for display periods of up to 60 days at the standard rental fee of $1,200. A longer period requires payment of additional fees.

Reservations and shipment

Reservations (subject to prior engagement) should be made no less than 90 days before desired opening dates. Shows will be shipped and returned in a time period requested by the borrower. The Institute makes all shipping arrangements but cannot be held responsible for undue delays in delivery. Estimates of shipping fees will be provided upon request.

Artworks are ready to hang and are framed in gold metal moulding with UV filtered plexiglas. Frame sizes in inches (h × w): (11) 16 × 20; (13) 20 × 26; (10) 26 × 34; (1) 19 ¼ × 19 ¼; (1) 32 ¼ × 40 ¼; (1) 16 ⅛ × 40 ⅜ × 2 ½. A title panel, publicity images and PDFs of checklists and labels are provided.

Total weight (3 crates, 1 box): 745.8 lbs.

Shipping crates: (3) 30 × 32 × 41 inches; (1) 41 × 61 × 8 inches.

Further Information and Reservations

Carrie Roy
Curator of Art
Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation
5th Floor, Hunt Library
Carnegie Mellon University
4909 Frew Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3890
Telephone: (412) 268-2434
Fax: (412) 268-5677
Email: croy@andrew.cmu.edu

View of packing crate for travel exhibition, Hunt Institute, undated photograph by Frank A. Reynolds, reproduced by permission of the photographer.

Selected Artworks

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